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3 Tips Future Homeowners Should Know Before Going House Hunting

happy couple receiving the keys from their real estate company representative If you’re ready to buy a home of your very own, you’ll need to team up with a real estate company with proven strategies that work in order to succeed. The Properties by Patrick Rodriguez team has outlined three important tips that will make your home buying journey as positive and fruitful as possible.

#1. Understand the Commitment

Always start with a good Lender who is knowledgeable and has at least eight to 10 years of experience in home loans. You want a lender who is a strategic thinker, knowledgeable of the many products that are available, personable, and someone you can relate to and trust. Your lender can help structure your financial commitment based on the information you provide and help you understand fully the commitment you are purchasing. Remember: NEVER SHOP FOR A HOME WITHOUT AN APPROVAL LETTER FROM YOUR LENDER. By fully understanding the financial commitment of home ownership, potential homeowners will have the ability to avoid any detrimental issues in the future. It may seem scary but with proper knowledge and understanding, you too can become a homeowner.

#2. Why Having The Right Realtor Is A Must

With a large amount of real estate information available online, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. While the majority of advice comes from a good place, you can’t be fully confident that the data you’re reading accurately reflect the market. Working with the right Realtor and real estate company, however, allows you to have full confidence in his or her ability to guide you in the right direction. Finding the right Realtor is perhaps the most significant part of your home search. But what makes a Realtor the right one?

First, you’ll want to look at previous client reviews. You can even request referrals directly from the Realtor. Second, take a look at the real estate company’s reviews on online directories. Many sites such as Zillow include a ranking score, which indicates how that Realtor is performing among their clients. Your initial meeting with the Realtor will also be an indicator of whether it’s a good match. A professional Realtor will have the confidence, knowledge, and understanding. A good Realtor will help to guide the client to make the right decision for themselves. Ask for our FREE Real Estate Guide to get you started, make an appointment for a free consultation and see why Properties by Patrick Rodriguez is the right choice for you.     

#3. Know What You Need

Before embarking on your home search, you should have a clear understanding of what you need in a home. What’s more important, size or location? For some, a smaller home in their favorite side of town might be perfect while others may prioritize larger homes. By knowing exactly what you require, your home search will become more streamlined and you won’t find yourself in the middle of a difficult decision. These are all details you must discuss with your real estate company.

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Posted on August 9, 2018 at 8:52 pm by Patrick and Nancy Rodriguez

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